As players we are all looking for the best possible bonus deals when we play slots and table games such as roulette and baccarat online. 

Normally, the casinos will offer a  variety of bonuses, such as a welcome bonus, free spins, match bonus or a free money bonus. It’s not always easy to figure out which bonus to go for, but we are here to help and this time we will take a closer look at the Exclusive Bonus. 

What is an Exclusive bonus?

Simply put, exclusive bonuses are special kinds of bonuses provided by online casinos and sometimes game developers, to players who register from specific websites such as Casino Hacks, or players who stay loyal to one single casino. 

Gambling online is our passion and we are constantly working hard to bring you the best bonus offers from all the biggest casinos in the business. This way we can offer you bonuses that you simply won’t be able to find on other sites.

The bonus itself could be anything from an exclusive deposit bonus, to tickets to invite only tournaments where you can win big money. 

The most common types of exclusive bonuses include:

The deposit bonus is one of the most basic of all the bonuses and can be given to brand new players who sign up for the first time, or players that come back to a casino after not having played for a long time.

The exclusive deposit bonus will nor mally be 100% of the player’s deposit and will come with some wagering requirements, but they will often be lower than normal.

Free Spins

Probably one of the most beloved bonuses of them all. We all love playing slot machines and what could be better than playing them for free? This exclusive bonus allows you to play a given slot without using your own money.

Free spin bonuses are exciting because they give you a chance to scoop up some massive winnings without ever risking your hard-earned money. Exclusive free spin bonuses are often awarded as part of a: 

  • Welcome bonus 
  • Deposit match bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Reload bonus

Free spin bonuses can also be given by the slot developer themselves as part of marketing a brand-new slot.

Exclusive no deposit bonus

This bonus comes in two forms. The first one is a smaller cash amount given to new players as a teaser, hoping they will like what they see. 

The second one will be exclusive to players that are already registered but have not made a deposit or played for a long period of time. The bonus does not require you to make any deposit, but the wagering requirements can be a bit higher. 

The No deposit bonuses come in multiple shapes, including free cash bonuses, free no deposit spins, no deposit free spins and so on.

Low roller bonus

The low roller bonus is a bonus offered to players that don’t feel comfortable playing with large amounts of money. An example of a bonus like this is a 300% bonus up to 10 or 20 euros. These types of bonuses can get you started and provide you with enough money to figure out if the casino is for you or not.

High roller bonus

This is an exclusive bonus only offered to players that play for large amounts or those that play very often. There is no clear-cut definition for high rollers, so this bonus can also be seen as a VIP bonus. As a VIP bonus, the casino will tweak the bonus to suit you. For example, if you only play roulette, the bonus will not contain any free spins.

The high roller bonus is the only bonus that you can ask the casino for yourself. Normally this only happens when a player is looking to change from one casino to another and can prove they play often and for certain amounts.

Always check the small print

Now, we are not saying that there are casinos out there trying to pull the wool over your eyes, but some of them do offer exclusive bonuses with ridiculous terms and conditions. An example would be offering you a 100% deposit bonus with a x 20 wagering requirement. It sounds brilliant until you read the small print and realize that you only have 24 hours to meet the requirement. 

Or the 100 free spins bonus with no wagering requirement that you can only play between midnight and 02.00 o’clock in the morning. 

So as always, take a quick look at the terms and conditions, or simply read our reviews and we’ll tell you which exclusive bonus to go for.

How to get your hands-on exclusive casino bonuses

On top of following Casino Hacks, one of the best things you can do to get your hands-on exclusive bonuses from the very best casinos, is to be loyal and fair. In other words, don’t jump around all over the net joining numerous casinos just for the bonuses. 

Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with playing at numerous casinos, it’s quite normal. But don’t abuse the bonuses on offer. Show some respect and most casinos will do the same. You will be surprised at the exclusive bonuses some casinos will offer, even to average low rollers.

Casino Hacks top tip: Join a casino, but don’t make a deposit. Instead, wait 2-3 days and there’s a good chance the casino will sweeten their welcome offer.