Esqueleto Explosivo 2 – Thunderkick

स्कोर: 8 / 10

Slot machines should be fun and it’s not all about big wins anymore. Over the years, the entertainment factor has become just as important and few take the entertainment factor to such heights as the Swedish developer Thunderkick does. In January 2020, they gave us Esqueleto Explosivo 2, a slot so entertaining you won’t even care how much you win. 

Four years has passed since Thunderkick gave us the first Esqueleto Explosivo, a slot that didn’t really impress that much to be fair. It felt like Thundekick was holding back a bit, as the slot is what many would call grotesque. The slot became fairly successful and with Esqueleto Explosivo 2, Thunderkick let loose and fixed all the things we didn’t like about the first slot. 

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 is much like the first one. Except for a new background, they look the same, but other than that, number two is better in every single way. The slot machine has five wheels, three rows, and 99 paylines, whereas the original one only had 17 paylines. The RTP is 96.13% and the max win is increased to 5,000 x wager.

Humor, and often the slightly grotesque kind, is nothing new from Thunderkick. We have seen it many times before with slots like Bork the Berzerker, Barber Shop and the original Esqueleto Explosivo. Themes like this are not for everyone, but if you have a dark sense of humor, you’ll love Esqueleto Explosivo 2.

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 – Free Spins and Features

The slot comes with cascading reels, but one of the most exciting features on Esqueleto Explosivo 2 is the Mucho Multiplier that increases every time. The multiplier can reach up to x64 and ensure you some really great wins along the way. During the main game, the multiplier will be able to grow to x33, whilst under free spins it can go up to x64. 

The explosive Wild skull is still present as it was on the original slot and can land on reels two, three and four. When it lands on top of the skeletons, it will explode with enormous force, removing from three to eight symbols of the reels. The exploding wild can only remove low value symbols and guarantees that only high value symbols take their place. 

One of the main reasons that the first Esqueleto Explosivo failed to impress, was the fact that it didn’t have free spins. A problem it shared with many earlier cascading reels slots from other developers as well. On Esqueleto Explosivo 2, free spins have been added and are controlled by the purple skull, which is the slot’s scatter symbol. The scatter can land on all five reels and will give you 10, 12 or 14 free spins depending on how many scatters you land on the same spin. The scatter symbol stays active during free spins, allowing you to win even more free spins.

Wild Collection

In addition to the free spins, Thunderkick has also added Wild Collection to Esqueleto Explosivo 2. This will collect wilds and for every third wild you land, you’ll get one extra free spin. In addition to the free spin, it will also remove the lowest multiplier.

Design & graphics

The slot gets its name from Spanish and translated into english it means “explosive skeleton”. Not exactly a topic you often see on slots these days, but then again, this is a Thunderkick slot so we’re not surprised at all.

The slot does an excellent job of honoring Mexican culture and at the same time giving us one of the funniest slots ever. fun. Where the idea came from is hard to say, but when the skulls fall down on the headless skeleton Mariachi band, it’s really hard not to literally laugh out loud.

Set against a backdrop of a sleeping Mexican city, five skeletons sit ready with various instruments to play during the celebration of the day of the dead. As the slot uses cascading reels, no traditional reels are visible and there is no frame around the symbols, which simply fall out of the sky. The graphics are as expected from Thunderkick, crisp and clear, with some fantastic animations when the skulls explode.

The theme and gaming experience is perfectly rounded off with a soundtrack of traditional Mariachi music that one would think would be too much, but we are so busy laughing and counting wins that we just nod along to it.

Where to play Esqueleto Explosivo 2?

Slots from Thunderkick can be played at more than 200 online casinos and Esqueleto Explosivo 2 will be present at most of them. The slot is completely bonkers and that’s why we love it so much.