Jammin Jars – Pushgaming

स्कोर: 7 / 10

Jammin jars by Pushgaming is one of my favorite slots! It comes with a theoretical max payout of 20.000X. As always with Pushgaming the volatility is brutal. But if you manage your bankroll and have patience, this slot can really print serious money. 

The Rainbow feature appears randomly in the basegame and add one or more giant fruit symbols to the board.

The RTP lands at a 96.51

Max pay out stands at 20 000X

The VOLATLITY is as I said, brutal. This slot is all about the bonus game..but when it drops it can be worth the wait!

OVERALL IMPRESSION:This is a great game for those with patience and a well managed bankroll.

Triggered Freespins

Freespins are triggered when three or more Jammin jars drops in the basegame. You start with 6 spins and the jars from the basegame are carried over into the bonus game. Then start whishing for winning combinations that increases the multipliers up to insane levels!

I’ve seen massive wins on Jammin Jars around the community on fairly low bets, so this slot doesn’t require big bets in order to be very exciting and profitable at the same time!