If you’re reading this article, it’s because you, like us, love playing slot machines, roulette and Live Casino online, and you’re looking for the best possible bonus deals from the casinos. 

Now as you know, anybody can get a 100% deposit bonus and 200 free spins when joining a new casino, but for the bigger players that wager serious amounts of cash every day of the week, a bonus like that just won’t cut it.

You want more, and rightly so. Just as at a land-based casino or a fancy restaurant, if you are there dropping big money every week, you want the VIP treatment. But how can you make sure you get the full VIP treatment online? Let’s find out, shall we?

What is a High roller? 

Believe it or not, but there is no universal definition of a high roller and all casinos, land based or online, have their own definitions. If the casino has a VIP program, you will normally see what the different levels offer and what it takes to get there. 

But there will always be secret levels that are just for high rollers. Generally speaking, a high roller is a player who is consistently making deposits to the casino and only wagers large amounts of money on slot machines or table games. 

Let’s put it this way. When NetEnt launches a new slot machine where the max wager on one single spin is 400 pounds, it’s not for the average player, it’s for the high rollers. You’ll see the same thing at Live Casinos from Evolution Gaming that offer private rooms where the table limits can surpass 250.000 pounds.

Massive deposit bonuses 

High rollers playing with high stakes will never be satisfied with standard deposit bonuses. This is why many online casinos today offer massive bonuses of up to 10,000 pounds and in some cases even higher. 

It might sound ridiculous wagering that kind of sums, but let’s not forget that there are a lot of people that have online gaming as a full time job, just like the poker players that play every tournament on the World Poker Tour. 

What bonuses can you expect as a high roller? 

We understand that it might sound lucrative to become a high roller, but bear in mind it is a lot of hard work and there are no guarantees. If you dream of getting to this point in your gambling career, we recommend that you take your time and manage your bankroll carefully. 

If you do that you will reach the higher VIP levels and bigger and better bonuses will come your way. When it comes to the kind of bonuses you can expect, it will vary a lot, but it normally starts with you getting your very own account manager who’s there to serve your every need. 

The more you deposit and wager, the bigger the needs the manager will cover. Deposit bonuses is usually what any high roller is looking for rather than free spins. Lower wagering requirements are a given and so is private tournaments with other high rollers. 

At a land-based casino, the high roller would be wined and dined with big hotel suites, free shows and Michelin star dinners. That’s obviously not possible at an online casino, but it’s far from unheard of that the casino and the account manager will invite high rollers on private, all expenses paid trips around the world. 

It could also be a trip to Macau (the new gambling hub of the world), VIP tickets to concerts with the biggest stars or VIP tickets to Champion Leagues matches. In all honesty, the sky’s the limit when you get to this level.