When it comes to different bonuses, there seems to be no boundaries in terms of creativity from the casinos. There are numerous different bonuses waiting for you and all online casinos offer them. If you come across a casino that doesn’t offer you a bonus for joining, look elsewhere. 

The most common online casino bonus is the deposit bonus. The name says it all really. You make a deposit and the casino gives you a bonus for doing so. 

Usually this bonus is called a “welcome bonus” and is only given to new players when they join the casino, but many casinos will also offer you deposit bonuses called “Match Bonus” after you have played through the welcome bonus.

How does the welcome bonus work?

The welcome bonus is normally given to all new players when they join the casino for the first time. How big the bonus will be differs from one casino to the next, but 100% up to a certain amount is quite normal. 

Let’s say you make a deposit of 100 Euros. The casino will then give you a bonus of 100 Euros and you will have 200 Euros available in your account. You can then spend the full 200 exploring and getting to know the casino and their games. 

Some new casinos will offer you a 100% bonus only on your first deposit, whilst others may offer a bonus on your first 3-5 deposits. With a bit of luck, the casino will also give you some free spins on top of the deposit bonus. You can read more about free spin bonus here.

Why accept a welcome bonus?

The bonus is a great way for you to get to know the casino without having to risk too much of your own money. Yes, you can play many slot machines for free, but it’s not the same as playing with real money and there are hundreds of games you can’t play for free. 

Therefore, spending a combination of your own money and the casino’s, is a great solution. And don’t forget that as long as you fulfill the wagering requirements, you could win a massive amount of cold hard cash using the casino’s own money!

How to qualify for a welcome bonus?

Qualifying for a welcome bonus is usually very simple. As long as you are a new player, meaning you don’t have an account at the casino already, you will normally qualify. Setting up several accounts with different usernames will not qualify you for an extra bonus. Most casinos will also have a requirement of a minimum amount of money you have to deposit in order to get the bonus, but it’s usually quite low (such as 10 or 20 Euros).

The casino won’t offer me a welcome bonus. Why?

Even if you don’t have an account at the casino, you might not qualify. Some of the reasons for the casino not offering a welcome bonus could be:

  • You have several accounts at other casinos owned by the same provider
  • Someone else using your IP address or physical address have already received a welcome bonus (wife, partner, parent, etc.)
  • You have been blacklisted by other casinos for abusing the bonus terms
  • You have an old account that you simply forgot about

Bonus terms and conditions

When a casino offers you a deposit bonus, they are simply giving you free money and naturally there will be terms and conditions you must follow. Now, there is usually no reason for you to read all the “small print” before accepting a bonus, but there are certain things you should bear in mind. 

Most bonuses will come with certain wagering requirements, meaning you will have to wager the bonus money received a set amount of times before you can make a withdrawal of money won with the bonus. Basically, this means the casino wants the opportunity to win back the money they gave you. Keeping in mind it’s free money, you can’t really blame them. You can read more about wagering requirements here. 

The next thing you need to keep an eye on is the slots and games that don’t count towards the wagering requirements. Most slots will count 100%, but there will usually be a number of slots to avoid when you are trying to fulfill the wagering requirements. As far as Live Casino and table games are concerned, many of them will only contribute 10% to 50%. 

You can find out more about welcome bonuses from many casinos by reading our reviews.

Top Casino Hacks tip:

Don’t be a “bonus whore”, respect the casinos and the bonus terms and conditions. The casinos are far from stupid and although they are fierce competitors, they will always share information about players that abuse the bonus terms or jump around from casino to casino spending as little of their own money as possible.

Worst case scenario; you will be blocked from several hundred casinos and can miss out on some really great bonuses.