Classic Slots VS Video Slots 

Ever since the first video slot was launched back in 1976, players have been arguing about which slots are the best. Some players will only play video slots and modern 3D slots, whilst others stay true to the classic and much simpler slots. 

The discussion is likely to go on forever, but what’s the difference between the slots and why do they engage us so much? Let’s find out, shall we?

What is a classic slot? 

The very first slot was developed by Charles August Fey, a German born American inventor who in 1894, built the first modern coin operated gambling machine. The invention led to Fey developing Card Bell, the first 3-reel slot machine with automatic cash payouts in 1898. 

In other words, slot developers in 2020 are still using the same basic principle that Fey invented more than 120 years ago. Over the last 100 years or so, the classic slot has changed a lot in terms of themes, graphics and functions, but the basic concept is largely still the same. 

The true classic slot has 3 reels and 1, 3 or 5 paylines. They seldom offer much in terms of functions such as free spins, wilds, bonus games and multipliers. In many ways, the classic slot is more of a pure game and that is what the fans of classic slots love. The simplicity of the slot machine, the sounds that sound like they were made on a Commodore 64 and the raw mechanics offer a unique gaming experience that players either love or hate. 

A classic slot seldom has a theme, but if it does it’s likely what we call a “Modern Classic” and developed after 2010. The true classics often use a lot of the same symbols, such as card symbols (10,J, Q, K, A), fruits, diamonds and golden bells, the number 7 and BAR. 

Famous Classic slots

If you’ve never played classic slots, you really should give them a go and there is no lack of options. Slots you should have a look at are Break The Bank from Microgaming, Super Joker from NetEnt. and Mystery Joker from Play’n GO. For more modern classics, you can go wrong with Fire Joker from Play’n GO, and Booming Bananas from Booming games. 

What are video slots? 

There are several things that separate classic slots from video slots, but the one main thing is that they are played on a screen and don’t use the traditional spinning reels. Many people believe that video slots are something that only came to light after casinos online were launched, but video slots have been around since the late 1970’s. 

It was in 1976 that the Las Vegas based company Fortune Coin made a slot that used a modified 19 inch Sony TV as a display. The slot was first made available at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. The video slot got approved by the Las Vegas Gaming authority in 1978, and due to the massive success on the Strip, IGT bought Fortune Coin later the same year.

Since the start in 1976, the video slots have kept evolving with better graphics, more paylines and themes that nobody had ever seen on classic slots. 

When Microgaming opened the first fully functional online casino in 1996, the video slot entered a new era, with the likes of NetEnt and Play’n GO joining the race to come up with the very best slots. Themes, symbols, functions and number of paylines have only gotten better and today we have Megaways slots with more than 100,000 paylines and wins of up to 50,000 x wager. 

Video Slot features 

One of the really great things about video slots is all the amazing features that have been invented over the years. The humble classic slot might have a wild symbol, and even a nudging feature. But the modern video slots offer cool features like free spins, walking wilds, random wilds, jumping wilds, mystery symbols, symbol swap, cascading reels, multipliers, pick and click, progressive jackpots and interactive bonus games that will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

3D slots

Now that you know the difference between a classic slot and a video slot, let’s keep going and take a quick look at the 3D slot. 

The first ever true 3D slot was developed by the swedish studio NetEnt. A pioneer in the iGaming industry, NetEnt has been moving the slot machine boundaries for years. In 2013 they launched the slot Jack And The Beanstalk. An amazing slot with graphics that had never been seen on a slot before. Today, 3D slots offer the very best of graphics with a sometimes mind-blowing attention to details and animations that Walt Disney himself would have been impressed by.

Megaways Slots

When Microgaming launched the slot Immortal Romance in 2011, everyone was taken back by the fact that they managed to give the slot 243 paylines. That was an unheard number at a time when most slots only had 10 lines. A few years later, we had slots with up to 1,024 lines and then came an Australian game developer by the name of Big Time Gaming and gave us the now world famous slot, Bonanza, in 2016 with its 17,649 paylines! 

The Megaways slot is the last big new thing in the world of slots, but there is no doubt in our minds that someone will blow them out of the water within a few years.