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Here we’ve decided to go all-in on bonuses – just for you! When visiting Casino Hacks you can always bet on great casino bonus offers, in fact, here you’ll find some of the best casino bonus packages in the world. All you have to do is join, and then you’ll have a smorgasbord of great bonuses, from some of the best casino operators in the world, to pick and choose from. And, when you’ve found the casino and the casino bonus you want, for example via our Best Casino Bonuses list, you simply click on the “to the casino” button, register an account, make a first deposit and the bonus is yours!

How are casino bonus packs stacked?

When it comes to bonuses and welcome bonus packages, casinos can pack their goodie bags in a number of ways. While one casino prefers to throw in some extra free spins, for you to use on your favourite slot, another will give you some extra bonus money, and a third might go all in on a really high match bonus. Regardless, we love casinos that really go for it, and make an effort, simply because we believe players across the world always deserve the best bonuses and casino deals on the market – that’s what we focus on delivering here at Casino Hacks, rest assured.

Accepting casino bonuses & offers

1. The whole bonus package

2. Wager requirements

3. Deposit

Make sure you understand bonus offers; welcome bonus packages often contain multiple offers or deals, and you want to make sure you understand and agree before you accept any bonus deal. Reading up on casino bonuses and bonus offers is always a smart start. You also want to check out the wagering requirements – which can vary a great deal from casino to casino – just so you’re aware of what’s required before you’re allowed to make withdrawals after a deposit. That way you’re in control and can stick to your game and strategy better from your first spin!

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Examine the package – then go for the bonus

Before going straight for the bonus, it’s always a good idea to have a look at what it actually contains, since it’s often a whole package; with extra cash, extra free spins and more. And, while it might all be super, you really want to understand the requirements and terms, wagering for example, before accepting bonus offers. Sometimes you must spend 30 times the money you deposited before you can cash out, and sometimes you might be agreeing to a second deposit bonus and a third deposit bonus, simply by agreeing to the first deposit bonus. If you don’t like these kinds of bonus deals, don’t go for it. Remember, we all have our favorites in a bonus package, and we all have different bankrolls and strategies, so go through the offers, stay informed and you’ll have an overall greater casino experience. Here are a few steps to help you understand bonuses and bonus offers better – and to get you off to a great start!

100% welcome bonus, but is wagering 100% ok?

It’s probably the most popular bonus in the online casino world, this bonus is a must for most online casinos: the match bonus, or match deposit bonus as it’s also often called, is pretty straight forward: the bonus matches the amount of money you decide to deposit into your casino account in a first deposit. As described above, this is often a whole bonus package, containing a first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus and third deposit bonus, so make sure you know what you’re agreeing to by signing up and allowing that first bonus.

Here are a match bonus and wagering example to make it easier to understand an offer and casino lingo. A pretty loaded deposit bonus offer, followed by high wagering requirements could look something like this:

€10 no deposit bonus + 200% deposit bonus up to €200

Let’s take a closer look at this fabulous welcome bonus. You get €10 as an extra cherry on your bonus cake, which is great, but you want to find out if these €10 are real cash or actually a casino coin or something else. You also want to find out if you can play for these €10 straight away or if you have to spend your whole deposit, or a part of it before these €10 are yours to spin away with. Your €200 will be matched by the casino: you’ll find €400 plus €10 = €410 upon deposit and entering your casino account. Now, before you deposit, take a look at the wagering requirements. Let’s say they are 30 times the deposit before you can withdraw or cash out any winnings, that’s some rather serious spinning on slot machines, so find out if you have to spend 30 times the whole match bonus offer, €410, or 30 times your €200. That’s rather a big difference. Think about what your bankroll looks like and what kind of strategy you have, before you accept. And if it’s all good for you then go for it!